Entry #1

Howdy all!

2011-08-06 23:17:55 by Hydrasis

*flails* hai thar! *cough* anyhow I joined here to post some of my stuff and some flash vids as I learn how to use the program. :3 so far I think I'm doing ok but thats just my own opinion. anyhow constructive criticism is love! :'D

Howdy all!


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2011-08-07 00:06:55

Awesome. I like your art, & your maggot is adorable. Nice to see another Virginian on here, I'll keep a look out for your work!

Hydrasis responds:

thank yooou x3 *happy dances* and yes :'D


2011-08-07 00:15:29

pretty good flash animation, why havent you gone the whole hog yet? I'l favorite you as you do have some animation skills and I will be watching out for your maggot, kid and vampire show, as i am looking foward too it. Its only a loop so I only gave you a three. I am a bit of a hipocrite voter, as I don't make flash, but I know what I like. however, keep going you'll get there!! =]

Hydrasis responds:

a three is a start, thank you ; w ; and I'm working on it as we speak :3 its just taking me some time since I'm trying to make it at least 10-15 minutes long. I still need a name for the damn thing =w=;